Cape Coral Pest Control

With its warm temperatures and close proximity to the ocean, Cape Coral is an ideal location to live. The large amount of residential homes makes it a nice community. However, the climate and plentiful population also make it a haven for pests. Bed bugs are some of the most problematic pests in the area today.

Signs Of Bed Bugs

You may have heard the old goodnight rhyme that talks about not letting the bed bugs bite and scaring them away with a flashlight. This is because they have an aversion to light and are nocturnal. During the day, they hide under mattresses, in carpeting, and in furniture. Since they are flat, tiny and round, they can fit in the smallest crevices and between the mattress and its side seams.

There may be a strong distinct smell in one area where bedbugs congregate. There may also be reddish-brown dirt pieces on your sheets or furniture. This is their excrement. If you look closely in common hiding places, you may see shed exoskeletons as well. Another telltale sign is a series of small red itchy bumps on your skin that appear in a straight row.

How Bed Bugs Enter Homes

You may inadvertently bring bed bugs home from a hotel, your workplace or another person's home. They travel on your clothing, in luggage, and in purses. These pests can also find their way into backpacks at your child's school. Some people bring bed bugs into their homes when they buy secondhand furniture or furniture that was returned to a store.

Dangers Of Bed Bugs

The main danger of bed bugs is spreading them. Although they are mainly just a nuisance, their bites itch and can lead to a secondary skin infection if you scratch the bumps. Some landlords will hold people who bring bed bugs into an apartment complex responsible for treating all surrounding units if the problem is pinpointed to their unit. Spreading bed bugs to a workplace, school or the homes of friends and family members creates an expensive burden for someone else. Bed bugs feed off of human blood but can live months without a blood meal. This makes them hard to eradicate when combined with their ability to hide in tiny crevices.

Cape Coral Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are about the size of a grain of rice or slightly larger. They usually appear round or slightly elongated depending on when they last ate. If you see one bed bug in your home, it is a sign that more are nearby. Although you usually have to look closely to find them, you may see one crawling alone. When this happens, call Arrow Environmental Services immediately.

Our professionals have dealt with hundreds of bed bug infestations and can assess the severity of your situation. Our company has been serving the area for more than 50 years and is a trusted local name. We use treatments that do not harm you, your family members or your pets. Our team takes the most aggressive approach to quickly eliminate the problem, reduce your risk of spreading bed bugs and prevent future infestations. Since bed bugs multiply rapidly, do not delay seeking professional treatment. Please call us today for an evaluation. We also deal with many other types of pests.