Naples, FL Pest Control and Lawn Care

As with the rest of Florida, Naples has a humid tropical climate that makes it highly appealing to pests like termites, ants and mosquitoes. It also provides its own set of challenges when it comes to lawn care. Whether you have a pest infestation or you want to rejuvenate your lawn, you can trust Arrow Environmental Service for professional work. Here's a sample of what we do.

Termite Control

You don't want to wait until you hear termites rustling behind the walls to get treatment. Subterranean termites will burrow into your home and hollow out your wood structures wherever they have direct contact with the soil. The damage they create costs homeowners more money annually than flood, fire, and tornado damage combined.

We offer Sentricon® bait systems, which have been a trusted source for termite control since 1995. We can install these around the mud tubes that lead to the termite colonies. The bait has slow-acting poison so that it has time to spread, and with Always Active™ technology, the containers will never run out of it. Our team will visit your home occasionally to check up on the progress.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes only need the shallowest bit of standing water to breed in, and they like to dwell in shrubs and tall grasses the rest of the time. They not only make it difficult for people to enjoy themselves outside but also carry diseases like West Nile and malaria. Before their presence reaches its peak in the summer, have us exterminate them.

We use an IGR, or insect growth regulator, to attack mosquitoes at the egg and larval stages, and we can eliminate the adults with a non-residual insecticide. Fogging and misting are two of the methods we'll use. You can sign up for a nine-month program, and our results will be guaranteed for a full year.

Lawn Care

We have environmentally friendly methods to fertilize unhealthy lawns, preparing them for overseeding. This is a process that's usually done in the late spring or fall. Our team can also remove thick layers of thatch beforehand. Aeration is another procedure that goes well with seeding since it breaks down compacted soil and allows the roots to soak up oxygen and water.

We'll also manage your lawn by removing pests like chinch bugs, mole crickets, and armyworms. If you require weed removal, have us over. We can also spray your lawn with weed killer as a preventative measure.

Tree and Shrub Care

Trees often fall victim to borers, which are pests - usually the larvae of moths and beetles - that impair their ability to conduct sap and water. Our eco-friendly treatments will eliminate them, however. We treat mainly oaks and pines. You can also take advantage of our specialized program for citrus trees. We'll keep them free of disease and sooty mold.

Shrubs receive similar care to lawns. We can fertilize them using a custom blend made with 100% slow-release nitrogen. Trees can get a deep root injection of the same nutrients. You might also think about trimming your shrubs since they can, as mentioned above, serve as a hiding place for mosquitoes.

Arrow Environmental Service has been serving southwest Florida since 1958, and we want to be your source for expert pest control and lawn care. Call us today for a thorough inspection and an accurate cost estimate!