Orlando Pest and Lawn Control

Orlando attracts millions of people to the Magic Kingdom each year, making it one of the most popular places to visit in the state. Unfortunately, the home of Mickey Mouse also attracts numerous pests throughout every season. Florida's warm, humid climate creates the ideal environment for roaches, ants and other pest insects. Rodents and other stubborn pests also make their home here in central Florida. Arrow Environmental Services aims to help everyone in Orlando and the surrounding areas enjoy a pest-free home and yard no matter the time of year.

Orlando Pest Control

Central Florida doesn't have it as bad as South Florida when it comes to certain pest problems. For instance, the Orlando Sentinel reported Miami and Fort Lauderdale as two of the worst cities in the U.S. for mosquito infestations. This news doesn't mean that mosquitoes aren't here in Orlando; it just means that some other areas of the state have it much worse.

The humidity keeps standing water around longer than it should, making it stagnant and the perfect spot for mosquitoes to breed. We strive to eliminate invasive mosquito infestations from lawns throughout Orlando so that people can enjoy activities in their yards again. We also work hard to keep other bothersome pests out of homes, such as ants and termites. Even roaches invade homes in Orlando, so we use eco-friendly methods to combat infestations without impacting people and pets in the same space.

Our pest control list continues to grow as we study different species and learn new techniques for elimination. Some of these pests include:

• Ants
• Bedbugs
• Cockroaches
• Fleas
• Mosquitoes
• Rodents
• Spiders
• Termites
• Wasps

Orlando Lawn Care

A lush, green lawn doesn't create itself. It takes consistent maintenance and dedication to yield beautiful results. Lawns require the proper amount of nutrients and water to grow strong, healthy and vibrant. Weeds, turf-damaging insects and fungal diseases threaten lawns, trees, and shrubs on a constant basis. Whether it's an oak tree or St. Augustine turf, a plant is only as healthy as the care it receives.

We have specialized programs for lawns, shrubs, palms and trees, covering a wide spectrum of landscape flora. We can help save palms and trees that have been infected by certain fungi and breathe life into dying grass that doesn't get enough nitrogen for growth. We'll create a custom lawn care program just for your situation and help keep your lawn, shrubs, palms and trees healthy and resistant against everyday threats.

Eco-Friendly Lawn and Pest Control in Orlando

Contact Arrow Environmental Services to schedule your inspection today. We take pride in our eco-friendly lawn and pest control services and want to help your grass flourish and your home become free of pests. Our team will inspect your property, identify the exact problem and come up with an affordable, effective solution for eliminating pest infestations and giving you a strong, healthy lawn.